Friday, 19 July 2013

From Blood Orange to Candyfloss

Nails Inc seem to like sending me pink/red polishes. So far, in my lucky dips and other bulk buys they seem to have sent me 15, which actually equates to just under half of my total Nails Inc collection.

Not that I'm complaining, I keep thinking to myself that I need something to balance out my ludicrous amount of blue/green polishes.

So after trawling through them all I picked out 5 and went for a pretty pink skittle...

Photos, now with added natural light! Amazing, isn't it?

These polishes are, from thumb to pinky, Draycott Place, Blandford Street, Hertford Street, Phoenix Place and Campden Hill Road. All polishes are three coats with Seche Vite topcoat.

Thumb - Draycott Place - I can never decide if this is red or orange. In the bottle its definately orange. On the nail, its more red... I just can't make up my mind! I do love it though, its such a bright, bold colour.

Pointer - Blandford Street - In the bottle this looks much more red than Draycott Place, but on the nail it comes out as much softer orange-red-pink. Bright coral, but with slightly less orange? I'm having issues describing these colours!

Middle - Hertford Street - My favourite of the bunch. A good, solid, in-your-face bright pink that really works well with the summer sun. This would work as a fabulous statement colour too, to brighten up a dark or pale mani.

Ring - Phoenix Place - Ninja neon! Normally Nails Inc neons come with a little sticker on the lid to warn you that a polish is about to act a little oddly and be a neon, but alas there was no such warning this time. With this polish being a neon it was quite sheer - good for a jelly sandwhich! - and dried to a slightly odd, rubbery finish. I dropped Seche Vite over the top to get the finish to match the other polishes, as I'm not massivley fond of that odd, rubberised look on my nails. Lovely colour though, and would be absolutely blinding over a white base.

Pinkie - Campden Hill Road - Candyfloss! Campden Hill Road is a lovely, soft pink that is quite the rarity - its not super sheer! I tend to find that with pale colours, lots of coats are needed to build up opacity and get rid of the dreaded VNL (visible nail line - where the nail grows off the nail bed and becomes the nail tip), however this was fine in two coats, and I only added the third so it would match the number of coats on Phoenix Place.


  1. These are really pretty! I wish we had a wider range of Nails Inc here. We have a pretty slim pickins =(

  2. I have Draycott on my toes! I was thinking the same thing! It looks red on my toes but orange in my bottle!