Sunday, 14 July 2013

Comparison: Revlon Blue Slate & Sally Hansen Gray by Gray

Apologies for the quietness here lately, but the sun has come out and as a Northerner I feel duty bound to spend as much time it in as humanly possible. We have to make the most of what sun we get - it could be next July before we see it again. Winter is coming, don't you know.

This, however, inevitably leads to me being a little pink in places and having to hide for a couple of days whilst I cool down and stop feeling a little ill. Thanks to yesterday's family barbecue, today is very much a hiding-and-cooling day.

So whilst Mr Painted Claws did manly DIY things in the back yard, I sat in the living room and played with my polish.

Contrary to what your eyes are telling you, this is actually two different polishes. Revlon Blue Slate and Sally Hansen's Gray by Gray.

I've had Gray by Gray from one of my Poundland hauls back in winter, which is exactly where Rachael (writer of Racho's Nail Love and my Chief Enabler) found Blue Slate for me last week. Pound shops are super for polish sometimes, its unbelievable. Most of my Sally Hansen polishes come from there.

But anyway, as soon as Rach dropped this in my lap I knew I had to do a comparison between the two.

On my thumb, middle and pinky is the Sally Hansen, the Revlon is on my pointer and ring fingers. As you can see there's pretty much nothing between them. Blue Slate might be a tiny fraction darker, but unless you know you're looking at two different colours then you can't see the difference.

Both polishes are shown here as two coats, however the Revlon was pretty much a one coater. Both were great formulas, application was smooth and drying time was average for both. 

I love this colour, however it totally puzzles me that the Sally Hansen is called Gray by Gray. Its clearly blue.

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