Sunday, 21 July 2013

Cookies & Cream... and Confetti

At the end of June, Ciate had a 50% off flash sale. £9 polish down to £4.50 a bottle you say? Even better when I found out that a 30% off voucher in Marie Claire could be stacked on top of it. I ended up bagging 3 bottles for the price of one full price. I was so pleased, haha.

I was after another neutral/nude polish, as I can't get enough of them, so I picked up Cookies and Cream. Then I couldn't stop thinking about Oreos, so I had to bust out the black and white glitter as a topper!

Cookies and Cream itself is a lovely, light and creamy colour that would work well as a base for nail art or if you needed toned-down polish for work (thank god my employer does not really care!). It goes on quite sheer and a little streaky but it does even out - this is three coats with no topcoat, so you can see the polish itself is quite glossy. The polish dried reasonably quickly too, but that's what you'd expect from a brand with a good reputation like Ciate.

After viciously triggering a raging craving for biscuits, Cookies and cream begged me to do something with it. And also to eat more biscuits. I managed to hold out on the latter part, but I felt the polish definitely needed some glitz. With my mind being entirely on biscuits by this point, I pulled out L'Oreal Confettis - a black and white glitter that now reminds me of Oreos.

I do love Confettis, what you can't see on these photos is that not only does it have the black and white glitter but it also carries a faint silver sparkle in the base that really catches the light when you see it in person. 

And then I had to have a coffee and a hobnob. We had no Oreos in the house.

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