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Welcome to Kitty's Painted Claws, a nail blog on a (supposed) budget!

I'm Becca, I'm 27, I'm from Newcastle, and I really shouldn't spend as much as I do on nail polish.

My love of nail polish started many years ago, but all the girly things like that got pushed aside as I went through my teenage nerd phase. Now that I've come to realise you can be both a girl and a nerd, I've gotten back into doing my nails in a serious way.

Contact Me

If you want to get in touch with me, you can do so through a variety of ways -

  • Leave a comment here, I'll see it and if there's a question in it I'll respond
  • Email me at kittyspaintedclaws [@] gmail [.] com (square brackets to attempt to fool spam crawlers, just remove them and the spaces and you're good to go
  • Send me a message on my Facebook Page
  • Tweet me at @kpclaws

Samples & Review Merchandise

I accept products for review. Receipt of a product guarantees an honest review as soon as feasibly possible. If you would like me to review one of your products, please contact me via email at kittyspaintedclaws [@] gmail [.] com and I'll get back to you, probably faster than you can type "I want you to review my product".

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