Saturday, 2 February 2013

Pokemon Challenge Week 3

Water pokemon!

I'm a bit later than usual with this one, as normally I get it done on a Friday night as that means I can get at least another two manis in saturday and sunday - my teen years playing instruments have drilled in to me necessity for regular practice for everything, even if I can barely remember how to play my saxophone.

And so, on to week 3 - water type pokemon!


I was originally going to do Psyduck, but he's fairly popular and I'm all for the odder and less loved pokemon. Also I was wandering around YouTube for Psyduck clips and I got to watching the episode where Psyduck has clearly the most confusing conversation in the history of ever with Slowpoke, and whilst Slowpoke wasn't actually a water pokemon, the Shellder that Team Rocket are trying to evolve said Slowpoke with is indeed water type.

Also, look at that tongue. Its clearly a bit on the odd side. 

Shellder was done in Models Own Pro Jack's Black for the background, Orly Charged Up and BarryM Grey for the shells, BarryM White for the eyes and Nails Inc Elizabeth Street with a little of something else I can't quite remember (It was a Sephora by OPI polish, I know that) for the tongues. The other nails were Models Own Jack's Black topped with OPI Absolutely Alice for the pointer and Voodoo Lacquer Witches Brew.


  1. LOL the tongue is so ridiculous I love it! xD Everytime I see it I make the face back hahaaha

  2. I love this pokemon!!! This manicure is great!