Sunday, 27 January 2013


I'm being totally optimistic with the usage of the word spring. The snow has only just thawed and its still windy and freezing outside, but I felt the need for something a little less snowy on my nails.

Generally any mention of 'spring' involves pastels, which I've never really been fond of, so I went shuffling through my polish drawers and found something a little less on the saturated side.

The base colour, Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Gray by Gray, is a lovely shade of slate-y blue gray which provides a lovely contrast for what is probably the most optimistically early daisy ever. Quite impressed at my first attempt at flowers, not that they're massively complex, but they're a wonderfully cheery alternative to the gray skies that are hanging about right now. Daisy was done in all-purpose BarryM White and Yellow.

1 comment:

  1. your daisy is so cute!

    you should really think about entering a nail art challenge as well as the pokémon one - you're really good :)

    sad that you removed Ninetales though! :p