Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Orly Naughty & Nice Collection

I proclaimed myself on a new polish ban last week, then promptly went and broke it by going in to Tk Maxx and finding more bargains than I had money for - damn you, last week before payday.

I love red polish - I have quite yellow toned skin so I can get away with wearing most shades of red. So I rampaged ahead and swatched it - glitters and all!
We don't really get to buy Orly polish over here, Tk Maxx is the only place that I've ever really found - they're an American company and thus seem to get quite a few US only brands in from time to time.

The red shimmer, called 'Torrid', is absolutely gorgeous. Easy on, its streak free and opaque in two coats. The picture above is in natural light, there is very little variance in the colour under artificial light. 

The two glitterbombs that came with Torrid are 'Halo' which is a clear base with gold and silver micro glitter with small silver rounds, and 'Devil may Care' which is a clear based red micro glitter with small golden rounds. Both of them are absolutely packed full of glitter, and take three coats to completely cover the nail. 

Here you can see (from thumb to pinky) Torrid on its own, Torrid with a single coat of Devil May Care, Torrid with a single coat of Halo, then three coats each of Devil may Care and Halo. The silver micro glitter in Halo really shows up in any light source, and its so jam packed that its not really the best for using as a top coat to anything you don't want completely upstaged by its insane glitter-y-ness. These would make great festive polishes, with the red tones making feel mildly nostalgic for Crimbo (despite longing for summer, and Christmas only being two months ago.)

While I do love all three of these polishes, I had a massive regret after swatching them.... so much glitter! It was everywhere. Might have to get some PVA glue for the next time I feel like swatching a glitterbomb.


  1. Love Torrid!

    for glitter, its worth wrapping your nails in a remover soaked pad and then secured with tin foil for 10mins - its how you remove gels and works quite well with glitter - it takes awhile but is quite hassle free if you have time to relax and wait :) x

    1. I thought you might like it! I was hoping that my little magical pot of Bourjois remover would make glitter removal mostly hassle free but sadly I was too optimistic on that front I think. Oh well, its not like I do glitter bombs often :D