Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Nails Inc Lucky Dip

Nails Inc sent me a delightful email last Thursday night - Friday, it proclaimed, was to be a lucky dip sale. 7 Nails Inc polishes from a selection of either Special Effect, Metallic or regular polishes for only £18.

I nearly had an aneurysm. I snapped up one of the regular lucky dips, which brightened my Monday by arriving super fast!

I love Nails Inc polishes - up until now I only had the three, two of which were snagged from giveaways with Glamour magazine and the other which I got for free when I signed up to the Nails Inc VIP program. The two polishes free with Glamour were Motcomb Street. a super dark navy (almost bordering on black) and Elizabeth Street, which is baby pink. My freebie for joining the VIP program (which is totally worth the £5 yearly fee - everyone should check it out) was Blenheim Terrace, another dark blue which I can only really describe as "like TARDIS blue, but a bit darker". Lovely colour, more things should come in TARDIS.

So, my 7 new polishes arrived, putting my total stash up to 118!

Left to right these beauties are...
  • Keats Grove, a rich red-brown
  • Gosfield Street, another shade of TARDIS
  • Marble Arch, a pink-lavender-ish shade
  • Walton Place, full on Barbie pink
  • Westchester, a rich dark red
  • Parliment Hill, concrete grey but without the horrid texture
  • And last but not least Covent Garden, another dark shade of TARDIS
I'll try to get these swatched in the coming weeks, even though a couple of the colours aren't really my usual thing. This was the reason for getting the lucky dip though - force me out of my colour comfort zone. Who knows, I might end up loving every single one of them!

Totally regretting not getting a metallics dip though.

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  1. dont worry they'll have another lucky dip sale :) just be quick or i'll beat you this time haha! :D xxx