Sunday, 17 February 2013

Pokemon Challenge Week 5

Its that tome of the week again - Pokemon Challenge time!

This week the type is flying, so I went for the most unlikely of flying types... doduo! It doesn't even have wings!

Doduo, the Twin Bird Pokémon. It runs faster than it can fly.
Probably because I have no idea how it would fly.

Used for doduo were - OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui for the background, BarryM Mushroom for doduo's fur and BarryM Gelly Lychee for the beaks. Necks and eyes were done with Models Own Pro in Jack's Black and BarryM in White. 

In natural light the Suzi says Feng Shui looks a totally different shade of blue! Much more sky blue and less saturated.


  1. Great Job! ^^ I have no idea how it can be a flying pokemon but anyway...

  2. I love the blue! :) getting your opi's out now haha!

  3. great mani! I was hoping someone would do Doduo. So funny it's considered a flying type. pokemon fail! :P