Sunday, 10 February 2013

New polish

This week's haul is actually a lot larger than this post, thanks to a saturday morning spent shopping with my biggest enabler, Rachel from Racho's Nail Love, but I'm focusing on my favourite two new polishes - NYC In a New York Minute in Park Avenue and Revlon Sweet Nothings in Nude Nightie.

Park Avenue is a lush cool, neutral brown which goes on quite streaky and thin at first, but rapidly thickens up with another coat. The polish is super quick drying which is a complete must for me - I'm terribly impatient with my nails and have a nasty tendency to ruin mani's within about half an hour because I've gone to bed or sat on my hands or something equally silly.

The Revlon Sweet Nothings is only on my ring finger in these images - its a delightful, sheer and shimmery topper which looks a pale lemony yellow in the bottle. It isn't until you get it on top of a colour that it gets interesting; the pale yellowy colour pretty much disappears, leaving behind a polish base colour that is slightly lighter but covered with a cute pink shimmer.

The flash really shows up the shimmer on the topper, and the neutral tone of the Park Avenue below it.


  1. yay for enabling! :) i love this colour and you can see the Revlon shimmer in both photos so clearly, its lovely! x

  2. Nominated you for a Liebster, love your enabler xxx :)