Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blue & Gold

I've not gotten any new polishes this week.

Well, strictly that's not true. I've not bought any new polishes this week. I was, however, gifted some by the fabulous Rachel of Racho's Nail Love as she had two bottles of a Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Thinking of Blue and she'd bought me Rimmel 60 Seconds in Torrid which is a beautiful dark metallic/shimmery red.

Even better than the two gifts to keep was the fact that Rachel came over for the afternoon and brought her entire polish box.

Her collection completely dwarfs mine. I mean, I thought I was bad with my three little plastic drawers full, but that's nothing on Rach and her humongous box of polish and nail art supplies. Topcoats, base coats, polishes, glitters, indie's, US brands like China Glaze and OPI, brushes, studs... the contents of that box were pretty much endless.

In amongst the boatloads of expensive foreign polish, however, was a bottle of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure The Sky's The Limit. I've got most of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure range thanks to the wonder that is Poundland (or Poundworld, I can never remember which) but this sky blue is an absolutely amazing colour. Its very summery, and I could really do with some summer right now!

I also got myself some tip guides as I've got fairly shaky hands and I'm no good doing any kind of french manicure, so I figured I'd give them a bash and see how it went. I plumped for BarryM Foil Effects Gold as it would stand out nicely against the sky blue, also I'm partial to a bit of bling haha.

As always the Sally Hansen went on like a dream, although this one was a three coat polish rather than two like some of the other Complete Salon Manicure colours. The tips, however, were not as nice. They were Nailene Perfect Tips and it might just be me attempting badly to put them on, but they were sticky beyond belief. When they got even slightly near my nail - BOOM. Stuck. So there was lost of peeling off and attempting to re-position before I caved and got Rachel to lend a hand. 

Slightly wishing I'd gone for something a bit more different on my accent nail, as the Sally Hansen Calypso Blue doesn't stand out very much against the bright sky blue of the other fingers - perhaps a darker blue next time. 

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