Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pokemon Challenge Week 6

I couldn't resist doing Snorlax for my normal pokemon week. It was either him, jigglypuff or ditto and they got scrapped as I couldn't cope with that much pink on my nails and Ditto came out looking just the tiniest bit creepy haha.

There will be no pictures of creepy ditto.

I find Snorlax adorable, I'm not even sure why. I love his baby form as well (Munchlax) but as we're restricted to 1st Gen Pokemon I didn't do a little Munchie to go with him.

Snorlax was done in BarryM Gelly in Watermelon (only used one coat, the thin-ness on the thumb didn't show until I took these photos >_<) for the background and BarryM Gelly in Lychee for the face and Z's, with the usual Models Own Pro Jack's Black and BarryM White for the details. 

Pardon the chubby fingers, haha.

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