Monday, 25 February 2013

My first gradient

I've never done a gradient before. I've stared at the fabulous tutorial on The Nailasaurus god-knows-how-many-times and thought "I'll do that... at some point. Maybes." Because I am a lazy wuss who is disappointed by anything less than perfection first time.

So, I figured I'd do a subtle gradient on a polish I'd not used yet - Essie's Bahama Mama!

Sponged over top of my ring finger is a lovely muted bronze polish from Sleek called 'Truffle' which actually looks a lot more subtle in real life than it does in these photos. 

I adore both polishes, both Bahama Mama and Truffle, as they both go on quite easily and give wonderful colour. Bahama Mama is difficult to clean up however, as I found last night when I did these and had to scrub my cuticles when my hand slipped! They're still not totally clean on the middle finger.

1 comment:

  1. Great attempt at a gradient :) I still haven't worked up the courage to do my own gradient despite all the great tutorials out there haha!