Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pokemon Challenge Week 4

Bug type week!

I'm not a great fan of bug type Pokemon - being that my starter Pokemon is usually fire-type they tend to be crushed underfoot quite easily when encountered in-game. And when they're not crushed easily, they irritate the life out of me with their status affects and such.

So the choice for this week was simply a case of - what isn't massively difficult and what do I have the colours for? Which turned out to be...


Base done in Sally Hansen Grass Slipper, with Venonat painted in Orly Charged up. His eyes are Revlon Top Speed in Jelly, with the mouth done in BarryM Block Orange and the fangs and antennae in BarryM White.


  1. Venonat :) <3 i love them! Really want you to do my nails next time! Xx

  2. That pokemon is so lovely!!! :) Well done.

  3. Haha, I totally agree with you on the whole first paragraph! I hate Bug Type for that same reason! Your Venonat is so cute, useless as he may be ;)