Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Swatched - W7 Golden Suede

There's been a lot of textured effect polishes out lately and I have to admit I'm not so fond of the trend. I wear tights to work and I manage to slaughter enough of them with smooth nails, never mind textured ones! I found the W7 suedes to be less on the textured side and more just delightfully matte, which is totally awesome.

Golden Suede comes out a gorgeous tan leather colour, with a silver shimmer behind it.

The polish itself goes on like a dream, almost opaque in one coat and pretty fast drying.

As you can see from my thumb in the pictures this needs a ridge-filling base coat as the colour makes any imperfections on the surface quite obvious.

W7 polishes are quite awesome as they're great quality for only £1.99 and they offer a fabulous range of colours and effects.

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