Sunday, 30 June 2013

New Brand - Elevation Polish

I'm slowly but surely managing to break in to the joyous world of indie polishes, a world filled with delightful concoctions handmade by lovely ladies around the globe. I've already shown swatches of my very first indies - KB Shimmer's Where my Peeps at and Lottie Dottie - but now I've managed to branch out in to another brand.

Elevation Polish is made in the US by hand, and are mostly named after mountains due to the creator's love of climbing. As a result I can spell but not say most of the polish names properly!

The two polishes I got were Jengish Chokusu (thumb and ring finger) and Mutzagh Ata (pointer, middle and pinky).

Jengish Chokusu is a bright blue-green, sea-foamy creme that applies slightly streaky on the first coat but is absolutely perfect by the third coat. Wonderfully bright and summery, Jengish Chokusu is a great polish to wear out in the bright weather (not that we have much up here).

Mutzagh Ata is a considerably darker teal colour with a fine scattered holo which is amazing on the nail but seems to completely fox my camera.

All of the photos I took, both in ambient light and with an LED to try and bring up the holo (as you can see below), came out much bluer than the polish really is - the teal really does show its green undertones. The holo shine was also terribly camera shy, but the pigment is very fine so the rainbow is fairly subtle.

The only way I managed to get the proper colours (or anything close to) was to completely mess with the settings for a few photos....

... so apologies for the brightness of that last picture. Those are the true, non-blue-tinted colours of both Mutzagh Ata and Jengish Chokusu. Aren't they beautiful?

Elevation Polishes are available from the Elevation Polish Website and from Llarowe (which is where I purchased mine from).

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