Sunday, 9 June 2013

ER31DC Week 15 - Delicate Print

Apologies for the slightly late-ness of these, this mani was ready to go yesterday but I trapped a nerve in my neck and rendered my right arm useless.

Yeah, I'm not big on delicate stuff. All a bit girly for me. So today's challenge of a delicate print was immediately de-girlified by the fact that I chose rather non girly colours.

This was inspired by a tutorial I saw on pinterest for lace print, heart shaped tips. Sadly the colour I used for the base, BarryM's Guava, has photographed really badly. On the nail its a vibrant turquoise, however in the photos its come out sky blue.

I dropped my first photo in to Photoshop to try and adjust the colours and this was the closest I could come up with, however this is perhaps a teensy bit too bright. Either way its a gorgeous colour, easily my favourite of the new Gelly colours that BarryM have put out for summer.

Tips/halfmoons were done in W7 Night Suede, my favourite textured polish (mainly because its barely textured) and with Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the lace.

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