Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Swatched - Dutch you just love OPI?

I do indeed love OPIs. What I don't love, however, is their RRP. £11 for polish??!? Lordy. At that price I'd only own one or two, if I was feeling expensive that month.

So when I found a local stall selling OPIs for £3.99, I lept at the chance.

One of the beauties that I picked up was 'Dutch you just love OPI?' which, despite its mildly silly name, is a wonderful medium purple with a gentle golden shimmer.

Dutch is a gorgeous purple creme that goes on fabulously and dries fairly fast. All the polishes in these pics are two coats with no topcoat and they are delightful.

In the shots the polish barely shows its gold shimmer, which is super delicate and pretty. Its such a shame because the shimmer really makes what would be an otherwise unremarkable purple polish.

I finally managed to capture the shimmer in a slightly closer shot, just to try and demonstrate the pretty pretty gold.

This polish is wonderful, and for £3.99 it was a major steal.

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