Friday, 28 June 2013

ER31DC Week 18 - Half Moons

Ah, a blissfully easy week in the 31 day week challenge - half moons. Not really much I can say about half moons, except they always come with the biggest problem... what colours??!? I have a terrible habit of wearing colours that are either too similar (green and green, turquoise and teal etc etc) or ones that would sear the eyes out of a normal human being (offensive pink and super orange orange, as work by me to work this week).

For once, I ended up with something vaguely classy.

This is Orly Androgynie, a polish I got this week from the super awesome blog sale of Sue Sue. There are so many polishes look for a new home, everyone should go check Lonely Polishes Seeking A Home.

Androgynie is a black jelly base with fine gold glitter, slightly less fine holo glitters, and teal, blue and tarnished gold hexes. When layered up the mix of glitters creates such a beautiful depth that sadly completely manages to avoid being photographed. Alas, seemingly the best polishes in life must be eyeballed rather than photographed.

On the half moons we have another Orl, this time Sea Gurl. Picked up as a bargain in TkMaxx (£5, score!) Sea Gurl is a lovely aged, pweter looking polish that totally seems to have nothing to do with the sea. The name has completely confused me.

For an extra bit of fancy, I dropped in a thin outline of BarryM Foil Effects Gold.  If in doubt, increase the bling factor.

Totally not looking forward to galaxy or water marble nails in the next two weeks! Never done either and I'm such a demented perfectionist I may well drive myself up the wall trying to get things right!

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