Friday, 14 June 2013

Stormy Skies & Raindrops

I loved the MUA Stormy Skies polish so much I decided to use it in a mani with my new rhinestones I snagged myself from eBay.

Stormy skies aren't something we've seen a  lot of lately, thanks to an odd occurrence of actually warm weather turning up when its actually supposed to.

MUA Stormy Skies was used as the base, with Rimmel Matte top coat used on my index and middle fingers. Sadly the matte takes away the gold shimmer, but the contrast looks fabulous. The rhinestones were stuck on with topcoat - not the most durable, but do-able for just going to work and bashing my fingers off a keyboard all day. If you want to use rhinestones but want them to last longer, use a teeny dab of nail glue to stick them down to your nail and they should last.

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