Saturday, 1 June 2013

ER31DC Week 14 - Flowers

Last week's flowery stamping has come in useful - I don't read ahead for this challenge, I just do the weeks as they pop up and thus this is a fabulous coincidence.

My favourite flowers are Cherry Blossoms.

They're so pretty, and delicate. And when they drop from the trees the look like pretty pink snow.

I got the pink part in at least, haha.

The base for this is NYC's In a New York Minute in MoMa, a gorgeous fuchsia pink. Formula for the polish is a little runny and sheer, and as you can (possibly) see there is still a little VNL going on after 4 coats.

The flowers were done by using Sinful Color's Snow Me White with Bundle Monster plate BM16 - a plate I discovered last week when doing my stamping over the L'oreal blue. BM16 has both a "full nail" (I have that in inverted commas because you'd have to be a tiny child to have that fill your full nail) design and a little accent with the blossoms on it as well.

I stamped the little accent on to the base of my thumb twice to fill in some extra space - my thumb nails are pretty wide and fairly long at the moment so there's a lot of space going on there. The little pink bits on each flower were free handed on with my smallest brush and with Essie's Off the Shoulder.

Once again fairly proud of these... seems a shame to take them off to do some swatching!

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