Friday, 7 June 2013

Nail Art - Doctor Who

I'm a nerd. A fairly big nerd, I think.

I like anime, sci-fi, fantasy, pretty much everything nerdy. From Sailor Moon to Tolkien via Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

So when I heard the news last week that Matt Smith was no longer going to be playing The Doctor as of Christmas coming. And I was a little sad, because Matt Smith was a good Doctor.

Warning: Post ahead is very picture & .gif heavy. I'm totally not joking.

I'm not gonna name all the polishes I used to do this - I cannot remember them all I don't think. However if you do really like the colour of a certain bit ask and I'll certainly try and find it for you.

This took quite a while to do last sunday, but I'm so proud of this as I think its probably the most complex thing I've done to date.

First up is the thumb, which is the Doctor himself. Amy Pond's Raggedy Man. Looking dapper in his blue shirt, braces and bow tie.

What a smart gentleman.
Next up is the Doctor's greatest nemesis - a Dalek. I went for a gold dalek because I have to admit I'm not fond of the new coloured ones. A friend once pointed out that they look like the dalek equivalent of Power Rangers and I now cannot take them seriously.
Also next to the Dalek is something fairly important to Doctor Who - wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff. Or possibly space.  Either way, its pretty and sparkly as all hell.

Next is the most important thing of all - the TARDIS. The Doctor's first and longest companion, she who will love him forever. She's a grand and cranky lady, but who needs anything fancy when you've got a type 40?

Sadly Picasa will no longer let me crop and edit pics on the fly, so you have the giant picture of my TARDIS nail. I highly recommend clicking on that link to see this pic at full size for the detail.

And last but not least, the Doctor's best accessory....

... his fez.

I would really like to thank tumblr for its wonderful amount of gifs. Just don't hang out there too long, god only knows what'll happen.


  1. omgosh! I absolutely love all of these! I cried when I read that Matt Smith was leaving, but now I can't wait to see who I will fall in love with next!!

  2. This is excellent! I haven't watched any but I am probably going to get sucked in eventually =P I love sci-fi.