Monday, 24 June 2013

Fun With Glitter

As I was playing nice and trying to figure out what base colour & glitter combo to use for my 31 day challenge nails on saturday, I stumbled upon two polishes that I've never really used.

OPI's Thanks A Windmillion is a new purchase from the joy that is Fragrance Direct (OPIs for £3.99? How could I resist!) and is a beautiful pale sage green, wonderfully classy looking and pretty.
Orly's Halo is a super sparkly and super packed gold and silver glitter in a clear base that can easily be used as a full coverage polish - see this post for swatches of it and the other two polishes I got in the trio a few months back.
With one of these polishes being new and the other being a glitter, neither had really been used for anything yet, so I decided to stick 'em together and see what happened - classy, muted green with super bling gold-and-silver.

Long and the short of it - I think its amazing.

Windmillion went on like pretty much all the OPI creme's that I've tried - smoothly and fairly opaque. The photos show three coats, topped with Seche Vite top coat.

The Halo stripes on the thumb and ring finger were done with simple Scotch magic tape to mark off where I didn't want the glitter and then a lot of dabbing. Halo can be used as a full coverage glitter in about 2 or 3 coats, but getting this as full-on as possible in that little space required a bit of splodging and ended up with the polish being a bit on the thick side.

The super sparkle in Halo makes it a great special occasion polish, for when you want to bling things up a bit.

Still not overly fond of glitter though! Haha.

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