Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spring Pastels

Easter is coming, and spring is coming, and I've finally given in and busted out the pastels.

I'm gonna be completely honest - my thumb is hiding because I managed to take a chunk out of the blue by incautiously shoving my hand in to my pocket before the 6 million coats of blue had dried properly.

The polishes used in this delightfully cute mani were - Sally Hansens Complete Salon Manicure in Yellow Kitty, Revlon Blue Lagoon, with spots in BarryM Matt white.

The colours on these two polishes are absolutely adorable, especially when covered with my matt topcoat, however there is one major downside with both - they're streaky and take loads of coats to go opaque. And by loads, I mean like five or six regular coats for Blue Lagoon and four for Yellow Kitty.
Blue Lagoon, when not matted, does have its good points as it has a beautiful silvery blue shimmer in it. 


  1. these are seriously lovely! you really suit them too - you need to wear them more often! :) x

    1. Thank you :) everyone kept telling me they were very cute.