Saturday, 9 March 2013

ER31DC - Week 2

Ah ha! Caught up.

Week 2 is Orange, a colour I was always convinced I didn't suit until I stopped being afraid of wearing anything that wasn't black. I love orange on nails, and I'm pondering doing a super 70's orange/white/brown mani at some point because that is one of my favourite colour combos ever.

I decided to do an orange skittle as I really couldn't decide what I wanted to do or which orange I wanted to do it with. I found I had quite a few different oranges today, ranging from quite pastel to pretty damn in-your-face.

Polishes used were (thumb to pinkie): BarryM Tangerine with striping tape to create the thin stripes, BarryM Block Orange (for the larger dots) and BarryM Tangerine (for the little ones), BarryM Block Orange with Scotch Magic Tape to mark off the tip, Daily Lacquer's Minako and Sinful Colours' Serena and Chloe. All were painted over a base of BarryM Matt White, to help the colour really stand out.

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