Monday, 25 March 2013

Color Club Foiled Collection

These were brought over for me to play nice with by Rachael of Racho's Nail Love, as she wanted to see these against my skin tone. Rachel's skin is quite pinky toned and I'm much more on the yellower end of the skintone spectrum.

Rachael's post is here, so you can compare the two.

Warning - this post is very image heavy!

Look at the shine on that!
All pictures are two coats - I tried both with and without topcoat and it made little to no difference on the shine as they're insanely shiny on their own. Get out your sunglasses.

I have to say that the polish itself, in all colours, was a dream to put on. Almost completely opaque in one coat and fast drying, these are great colours to make an impact with - there's no way anyone will not notice these bad boys!

First up is Lumin-icent, a very pale ice blue. This looked a lot bluer in the bottle than it does on the nail. Its still a beautiful colour, very eye catching and great for special occasions due to the massive amount of bling-y shine.

Next is Foil Me Once, a lovely pale pinky-purple that is super girly. Its adorable. I think that this may be one of my two favourite colours in this collection, along with Cold Metal.

This is Hot Like Lava, a super bright pink that is really in-your-face. Normally I'm more for what I like to term 'offensive' pinks rather than paler colours, but I have to say I definitely prefer Foil Me Once over this. Not to say its not a lush colour, but it just didn't grab me.

Fourth is Perfect Mol-Ten. I originally thought that this would be my favourite as I love green, but this lost out by the narrowest margin to Foil Me Once and Cold Metal. It is a gorgeous cypress green, which really looks amazing with the foil shine.

This is Antiquated, a wonderful and classy pale gold. This is a beautiful shade, not brassy at all.

And last but not least, Cold Metal. This is the most colorful of the set, and the bright colour means you can barely see the silver base that all of the Foiled colours have. The colour really is super intense on this one, its amazing!

In the UK these have only been spotted in Tk Maxx, however if anyone else sees them elsewhere then please leave a comment!

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