Friday, 8 March 2013

Nails Inc Dark Blues Comparison

I don't have many Nails Inc Polishes... actually that a bit of a lie now. I've got 10. But somehow 4 of them have ended up being dark blue.

I'm fairly fond of dark blue, but this is a complete fluke as I only actually picked one of them. My first was Motcomb Street, an almost black shade of Navy that came free with Glamour magazine at the end of last year. Then came Blenheim Street, which was my free gift for joining the Nails Inc VIP program. Then came Covent Garden - yet another blue-black, but somehow different from Motcomb Street - and Gosfield Street, which is still dark blue but considerably lighter than the other three.

From pointer to pinky - Motcomb Street, Gosfield Street, Covent Garden and Blenheim Terrace.

Apart from Gosfield Street, these polishes are super alike, even when I crank up the flash...

Covent Garden show up as a little lighter under the flash, but Motcomb Street and Blenheim Terrace are pretty much the same polish. Blenheim Terrace is ever so slightly lighter, I think, but you'd only notice it after staring super hard at them together.

All in all though these are lovely polishes - well pigmented, lovely formula, dried in a decent time, and opaque in two coats. <3

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