Saturday, 16 March 2013

ER31DC - Week 3

Week 3 of the Extra Relaxed 31 Day Week Challenge, this week's colour is yellow.

I only own 2 yellow polishes - Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Yellow Kitty, which is a soft, pastel yellow; and BarryM Yellow, which looks like an American Taxi. I was fairly stumped with what to do this week to go with the yellow, until I remembered a really old website layout I created whilst in uni. Mid-grey, sky blue and sunflower yellow halftone gradients all over the place, with shy blue and sunflower yellow highlights on white text. It wasn't as awful as it sounds, honest. But when I remembered that, I pulled out my trusty dotting tools and created this...

Sadly my camera doesn't seem to be able to distinguish between different shades of yellow, so the Yellow Kitty on my ring finger looks almost the same as the BarryM Yellow on my other fingers. It looks a lot paler in real life.

Dots are done in BarryM Grey and BarryM Cyan Blue, with the ring finger in Cyan Blue and BarryM Gold Foil Effects. They look quite summery, don't you think? Although if I do this again I think I'll do the background grey and dot over the top with the yellow and blue... and possibly white. Hmmm.

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