Friday, 15 March 2013

Pokemon Challenge Week 9

9 weeks in already!

This week is Poison type week, but I realised that I already did my favourite poison type pokemon for Bug week - Venonat. I clearly did not think ahead. So off I toddle to the Bulbapedia to peruse the poison type listing, and I spot the only pokemon I would I want to do on the list....


Then I also realised that I cut my nails short last week and I've not actually got much space to paint an full Arbok on my nails now. So I went abstract.

Everything was freehanded with my little paint brush - the base is Orly Fired Up (the only medium purple I own, it would seem), with the hood design in Sally Hansen Rapid Red and BarryM Yellow, with my LA Colours Art Deco Black striper for the outlines and the stripes on my other nails. 

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