Sunday, 8 December 2013

Apologies, and some Winter Sparkle

My apologies for the almost three week silence here on Kitty's Painted Claws - Winter hasn't been awesome so far as I've been super run down. I have, however,  managed to get a few mani's done in between bouts of coughing my lungs up or other things and I nearly exploded with glee when I got my first MoYou London Festive plate for stamping.

As you saw in the last post, I bought myself quite a few MoYou London stamping plates recently and I totally couldn't resist picking up one of the new Festive collection - specifically plate 02, the one with all the snowflakes. I'd put up a link directly to the plate but... its sold out. As it has been pretty much since it was released - it's been that popular.

Base for this mani is Julep Miranda, a polish I got second-hand in a facebook Nail Sale group. Julep polishes are so hard to get in the UK, its terrible. I love Miranda though, its another variation on my favourite colour spectrum (green-blue) and it looked awesome under the white snowflakes.

This is three coats of Miranda, stamped with MoYou London Festive Collection 02 with Sinful Colors Snow Me White (appropriate name!) and topped with Models Owen Jack Frost iridescent glitter to give the mani that icy sparkle. I got so many compliments on these at work, it was absolutely unreal!

I've also now (thanks to Rachael!) managed to pick up Festive Collection 04 which has fall the tacky Christmas jumper prints on it, so I'm totally gonna get my use out of that in the coming weeks!

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