Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Nub Club - Tree in the Snow

I'm trying to pack the nub nail art in before Christmas, and this was something I was intending to do on my larger nails before my de-clawing.

Little Christmas tree!

This was a super easy tape mani, with the base done in Revlon Powder Puff. Powder Puff is an amazing slightly off white matte polish that has a gorgeous hidden blue shimmer - you can see it in the bottle in the picture above.

With Powder Puff down as a base, I used a fast drying gloss topcoat - at the minute I'm using a Deborah Lippmann topcoat that I got from TK Maxx on the cheap - and let that dry enough to use scotch tape to mark off the deep chevron on my ring finger. That was painted over with another Revlon Matte polish, this time Emerald City which is also currently all over my PC tower and carpet as I knocked the open bottle over the other day! Full on devastated.

Once the tree was dry I used one of tiny nail art brushes to pint on tinsel and another teeny dab of topcoat to stick on the gold stud for the start at the top of the tree. I do actually have star shaped studs, but they're fairly large and if I'd have used that then there'd be no room on my nail for any tree!

Looking good? I love the base for this mani and the single nail art keeps the look nice and clean, I think.

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  1. This looks super cute! I love Powder Puff as the base, and the tree looks perfect :)