Friday, 20 December 2013

Welcome to the Nub Club

So, in this last week, the day before Mr Painted Claws's Christmas party to be precise, I was forced to join the dreaded Nub Club.

Stupid car door snapping my nails.

Please ignore the slightly blue tinted nail beds - its a bit chilly in here and I have totally poor circulation!

Now, at first I was devastated - how am I supposed to do super festive nail art on those tiny things!? Then I realised - some people have their nails this short as a choice or by necessity. Why should they not be able to see what nail art looks like on their neat little nails? Also, I've finally got nails small enough to use all those little decorative bits I've got squirreled away.

So, for the next month or so, welcome to the Nub Club, nail art on neater nails.


  1. Ouch! Having ripped a nail off below the nail line 3 weeks ago & now sporting shorties on both hands until my uber nubbin grows up, I totally sympathize on that 'what do I do with my nails now?' moment. LOL Here's another 'bright side'...painting your nails will take a less time & you'll use less polish.

    *sigh* at least nails grow back...right? LOL

  2. Nail Art for Nubbins on a Monday! I actually repaired a nail today then filed them down as I am one of the people who prefers them short

  3. OMG nail art for nubbins would be totally awesome!