Thursday, 21 November 2013

In which I manage to stamp properly...

Quick one for you all tonight - I think I've managed to "get" stamping.

With thanks to my brand spanking new MoYou London stamping plates, I present...

... neat stamping! I'm so proud of myself.

The base polish for this is China Glaze Glittering Garland, a beautiful shimmering dark green that just makes me think of Christmas Trees.  Probably doesn't help that it snowed a couple of days ago, but I'm pretty big on Christmas anyway.

The stamp is MoYou London, Princess Collection 11, which is an absolutely adorable plate. The images on it are etched so well, the fine details on the plates come out a dream! This was stamped using BarryM Foil Effects Silver and my new XL squishy stamper, which I find also helps pick the image up from the wonderfully detailed images on the plate. 

If you're thinking of trying stamping, or perhaps you've tried it before and haven't had so much luck, I'd efinately try the MoYou plates, they're so good and theres so many designs. I get the XL image plates as my nails are (at the moment) humongous, but even the regular sized stamps are good for more regular length nails. 

What does everyon think then? How do you get along with stamping?

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