Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Swatched: Nicole by OPI My Cherry Amour

I've been waiting for this collection to cross the pond for ages - possibly since I first saw it on the Chalkboard Nails News section back in April! There was one in particular that I lusted after in this collection - My Cherry Amour. A beautiful deep magenta with not only a textured finish but a scattering of holo glitter, I knew I had to have it. Somehow.

The problem was, when the polishes actually came out... no shops over here actually sold Nicole by OPI. And then Superdrug popped up its NOPI displays and I went in to paroxysms of joy. Until they filled the display with polishes and I saw we were a few months behind our pampered sisters across the pond in the US. So I was made to wait patiently, which I can tell you is no mean feat. But I was well rewarded when this eventually turned up in my local Superdrug...

I have to admit I'm late to the textured finish party, mainly because when all the other textured polishes came out in the summer I was terrified that I would constantly snag them on my tights and thus I would go through even more pairs than I usually do. I'm sure that, in a parallel universe, there is a world full of tights that want me tried for genocide.

So I put off the textured polishes until winter, when my poor abused tights would be safe from their possible predations and thus my (so far) dismal winter has been brightened by this absolute beauty.

My Cherry Amour is all that I hoped it to be - the formula was amazing, opaque in two coats and fast drying as all textured and matte polishes seem to be. The colour is an absolute show stopper, so bold and saturated and made even more intense by the tiny particles of holo sparkle that lurk in the texture, glittering madly when you move your hand.

I then, in a moment clearly drunk on glitter and polish fumes, wondered if this could perhaps be made... sparklier?

Short answer - yes. In the photo above and below I decided to go wild and cover my pointer and middle in regular topcoat, and my ring and pinky i matte topcoat.
The gloss finish makes the holo sparkle even more sparkly, taking the pink from simply deep magenta to something juicy looking and fabulous.
The matte, on the other hand (nail?) leave the sparkle subtle and calm, or at least as calm as this colour can get.

What do you guys think? I love this colour so much!

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