Saturday, 16 November 2013

Tara's Talons & Pocket Money Polishes Snow White Duos

I picked up these gorgeous pairs of polishes from two of my favourite indie makers - Tara of Tara's Talons and Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes when they released their limited edition Snow White duos a while back. Originally I only intended to get one, but in the end I was paralysed by choice and bought the two I couldn't decide between, which was the best option I could have gone for.

These beauties are Bad Apple and White as Snow...

... Fairest of All and Blood Red.

Each of the nails below consists of three coats of the base colour, topped with just one coat of each glitter topper. 

As you can see, White as Snow is a fairly translucent white with a big punch of pink shimmer when the light hits it. Normally I'm not a fan of polishes this sheer, but I don't really mind the visible nail line on this and it would probably disappear with another coat or so. 
Blood red is a fantastic red jelly, much brighter on the nail than in the bottle due to its jelly consistency. Its an amazing colour, great for brightening up a dark winter outfit.

The two glitter toppers, Bad Apple and Fairest of All are just as good as the base colours.
Bad Apple contains tiny black hexes, along with red and black medium hexes and stands out so wonderfully against the white and pink shimmer of White as Snow. The glitter came out really well, with one coat covering plenty of the nail - no picking or placing required. 
Fairest of All consists of silver shards and little holo squares, and it absolutely comes to life under lights. This would make a great topper for a party accent nail, either over red as its shown here or maybe over a nice dark sapphire blue. I'll have to try that!

These Limited Edition duos were £6.50, however you need to be fast as Tara and Charlie only do one of each set at the moment - keep an eye on the facebook group UK Indie News for their next set!

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  1. I love the combination of black, red, and white! The Bad Apple topper looks very fun :)