Monday, 18 November 2013

Pokemon Challenge Gen II, Round 17 - Steel Type

I'm nearly at the end of the Gen II pokemon journey, which makes me both sad and excited. Sad, because I'm almost done, and excited because I totally can't wait to do Gen III in the new year! Stay tuned for more details in the next month on that one, but first - the last type group of the challenge, Steel.

Steel was one of the new types introduced in Gen II, along with Dark, and its another of the types that I don't really use often. Some existing Gen I pokemon were retyped as dual-type to include steel, so I've gone for one of these this week...

The base for this mani is one of the freebies with this month's Glamour magazine, Nails Inc Soho Silver. At first I had issues with this polish's formula - on first try it was streaky and a little difficult on the nail - however at 3 coats it had leveled out beautifully and was so smooth and bright. I've seen others report that the gold in this set is also a little hard to deal with, so if you're thinking of picking these up I'd bear this in mind.

Magnemite's magnets were done with striping tape and french tip guides, and painted in Rimmel Heart on Fire and Ciate Headliner for the two poles of the magnets. I quite like the look of he bi-coloured tips, might have to try them again some time.

Magnemite's eye was done with the usual Sinful Colors Snow me White and Black on Black.

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