Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hallowe'en 2013 - Trick or Treat

Mmmm candy.

Now to be perfectly honest, I was a bit stuck on what to do for all five nails. You see - I never went round knocking on doors and demanding tasty treats as a child. We just straight up asked for cash. We never really got that much, or at least not much per house - perhaps 20p or so - but as a small child that might as well be a fortune. In fact, I can only remember being given something edible once, and that was because the very nice man in the house had just cooked cupcakes but had no change left.

From thumb to pinkie...
Thumb - BarryM Matte Caramel, for a brown paper bag to hold your sweeties in.
Pointer - Orly Glam Rock (normally matte) with BarryM Nail Art Pen for our shouts of "Penny Hallowe'en!"
Middle - Essie Fear & Desire with a teeny splodge of Orly Lucky Duck, for pumpkin shaped candies
Ring - BarryM Yellow, Essie Fear & Desire and Sinful Colors Snow Me White three colour gradient, because I couldn't miss out candy corn
Pinky - This took an unreasonable amount of time for such a little nail; these are M&Ms which are one of my favorite sweeties (especially with peanuts in). Colours used as Sally Hansen Rapid Red, BarryM Yellow, Models Own Plane Orange, OPI Green-wich Village, OPI Suzi ays Feng Shui and Essence Wanna say Hello. 

Busy or what! I'm dead proud of the gradient on my ring finger, as I've not tried a three colour gradient before. 


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  2. This looks great! I love the candy corn/M&M nails!

  3. These are really cool! Great job :)

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