Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Swatched - Nails Inc Symons Street

I love teal - its a combination of my two favourite colours. I have never met a teal I don't like.

This polish is no exception.

Symons Street is a metallic teal which is now discontinued by Nails Inc - I managed to get it a couple of months ago when they put quite a few sets in to their 'Get it or Regret it' section of the website. This is also how I managed to get hold of a Albert Place, a polish which has rapidly become one of my favourite blues.

The photos here show one coat only of Symons Street, with two on the thumb because my thumb nail is a bit on the large side.

Its an absolutely amazing metallic polish, super pigmented and very smooth to paint on. If you have any large ridges it can highlight them quite a bit as the metallic finish really catches the light - a ridge filling base coat would probably be a good idea.

I do love metallic polishes like this, its such a shame they seem to kinda go out of the window when summer arrives.

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