Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Swatched: KBShimmer Lottie Dottie

I eyeballed this polish for absolutely ages before I eventually got over myself and bought it. Prior to this I'd not really been too fond of white nails, and thus the wash of white based glitters that swept through the indie polish collections over the winter left me a bit puzzled. I came to realise that I actually had nothing against them apart from the fact that I never had worn white as a main colour on my nails.

So I bought it, and I loved it.

As you can see its a little on the sheer side at three coats on its own, but it would be even better as one coat over white (just so I don't use it all up so quickly!). The polish itself dried quickly and and the glitter came out of the bottle really easily, so no fishing about necessary. Obviously removal wasn't the easiest, being a glitter and all, but a good soak and it was no worse than any other polish with glitter in.

The turquoise and bright pink glitter in this are amazing, showing up really well through the base, creating a super girly look to the polish - great for summer!

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