Sunday, 26 May 2013

Stamping Attempt #2 - Flowers

As well as getting the hang of leopard print this weekend, I figured I'd give stamping yet another go.

I've only ever managed one set of stamping that hasn't come out as a complete and utter mess, and that was for my 31 day week challenge Blue mani. Clearly blue is my lucky colour when it comes to stamping, as I've managed once again to get something that doesn't look like a complete fail on to my nails.

Spring/summer/the slightly warmer season has arrived in Newcastle with a vengeance this weekend, resulting in a frenzy of sandals buying and skirt wearing. I decided to try out a couple of floral full nail designed from the two Bundle Monster sets I have, more specifically with plates BM306 on my thumb, BM318 on my middle finger and BM16 on my pinky, all stamped in Sinful Colors Snow Me White over L'oreal Color Riche 611, Sky fits Heaven.

I have to admit that I got Sky fits Heaven in Asda from their bargain bin for half price - only £2 each for that and the light blue used in my 31DC Animal Print mani, French Riviera. Its such a shame that they come in such teeny-weenie little bottles, because I can see myself going through these shades quite fast.

I love my Bundle Monster stamping places, especially the 300 set. The only problem is that full nail stamps tend to not be long enough for my humongous thumb nail - if I start them at the bottom of the nail, then I've got (as you can see in the photos) a bit of a gap at the top. All my other nails are fine, its just my ginormous thumbs.

I have to say that my favourite stamp out of these three is the Hibiscus flower on my middle nail from plate BM318. The thumb stamp would probably look better if it stamped with the colours the other way around (blue on white) as it kinda reminds me of patterns on china plates. Pinky is definitely a pink on white stamp as its Japanese Cherry Blossom flowers, which would look gorgeous and girly as an accent nail, possibly with the addition of pinky glitter on the tips of the other nails.

Shame I'm not girly enough for that one!


  1. youre good at stamping, i havent even attempted it yet!

    1. Give it a try - when you get the hang of it it looks really awesome :D