Sunday, 19 May 2013

Hello Kitty Magic Flow - Swatch & Nails

I've had a very busy weekend, lining up swatches and accidentally creating manis for myself when I got temporarily bored of swatching. Yesterday I managed to swatch 8 colours and create two full hand looks on top of two of those swatches, some of which you're gonna see here.

Now, normally if I'm gonna be wearing something other than just a flat colour for work I'd show you that today or tomorrow, however the design I'm sporting this week is part of my nails for this month's Tri-Polish Challenge over at Crumpet's Nail Tarts. More on that come the 21st.

The polish I've used for the base of this look is a Hits Speciallita Hello Kitty polish called Magic Flow. I bought this from the wonderful Sally Magpies at the end of last month and have only just gotten around to doing anything with it.

As you can see magic flow is a lovely muted gold polish, but its incredibly sheer. These pictures show it as opaque after 3 coats, however there was still quite a lot of VNL away from the light of my photo setup.

Its a lovely gold polish, but I think I have quite a few similar to it now - I'll have to run a quick comparison post to have a look at them all.

Once I'd done the pictures for the swatch I decided to play nice, seeing as this was my last swatch of the day. I've seen people do the whole 'cartoon' nail look before, with black outlines and cartoony shine before but I've never tried to do it for myself - it looked quite difficult but really different and eyecatching. 

Sadly they're a bit on the wonky side as I had to paint the black outlines on with my LA Colors black striping polish - I wasn't taking all that gold off to paint it over a base of black - but I think the effect has worked out pretty well, especially considering it was my first try at it.

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