Thursday, 17 January 2013

Polish Remover

Nail polish remover can be quite a tricky thing.

There's four or five different varieties of each brand - acetone-free, moisturising, etc and to be honest some of them are just no good. For years I've used Cutex, either the strengthening or the ultra cleansing type and since I've started doing my nails more regularly I was beginning to wonder if I should take out shares as I'm going through it like there's no tomorrow. It wasn't really doing my nails much good though, as they always felt a bit dry and abused after I had scrubbed or soaked off the previous week's polish, and the smell of it had a nasty tendency to gas out our room. Also, even with the best of soaking and such it could never really cope with anything too glittery. Glitter would inevitably end up everywhere - on my hands. on my clothing, on my face... I really do mean everywhere. I'm not sure how I do it.

Then I noticed that a few places were raving about Bourjois' Magic Nail Polish Remover, and I figured if it was all it claimed to be then it would be some kind of super miracle and I would create great hyperbole about it, like I do about everything I like. Finally found a pot in Superdrug for £4.99 - I've never seen a shop with more than two of these in at any time. They go like hot cakes.

Its a simple little pot with a couple of big sponges in it which are soaked in remover. All you have to do is stick your finger in and wiggle it about for a couple of seconds.

It really does live up to its name. It is indeed, magic. Also, its definitely a nail polish remover. And its awesome. It really only takes a couple of seconds to remove pretty much anything you can layer on to your nail - my first try took off a layer of basecoat, three layers of Rimmel 60 seconds Princess pink, an attempt at blood red french tips and two layers of Seche Vite in about 10 seconds. I'm also fairly sure I left my finger in there for five seconds too long.

I can't actually say how fantastic this stuff actually is. My fingers came out smelling of berries and feeling lovely thanks to the Sweet Almond oil. I can't recommend this enough (if you can find a pot, that is).

Although this is a little more expensive compared to a bottle of my usual Cutex and some cotton wool pads its way more handy. Not sure how long it will last yet, but I'll keep you posted on how many full nail paints it removes.

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