Sunday, 20 January 2013


It snowed, this week. For England, it snowed lots. At the worst point our street was about half a foot deep in snow, which I'm sure doesn't sound like much to inhabitants of Northern Europe or the northern end of North America, we're far more used to just being wet.

So, in honour of the odd weather - snowy nails!

These really were the product of a sunday trapped in the house by the weather. Both the snow and the snowman (who I have named Armand for some reason) were painted free hand with my teeny little paintbrush. The brush I'm using at the moment is just something we had lying around the house as the other half used to paint Warhammer miniatures - its a Citadel standard with shortish bristles so not much good for nice neat stripes but not bad for spots and actual painting.

Colours used were George Quick Drying Nail Varnish in Dazzle for the main colour, BarryM white for the snow, and little bits of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Rapid Red, Models Own Pro Jack's Black and BarryM Block Orange for the snowman's details - yes, he even has an orange carrot nose.

I have to admit that the main colour is just a cheap polish I bought ages ago for £1 from Asda, but it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous shimmery navy. Formula for the polish itself is a little on the gloopy side, but that may be because I've left it while a while before I used it.

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