Sunday, 13 January 2013


I love spotty things. I also love stripy things, but I've got fairly shaky hands and no long striping brush so I figured it was best to stick to what I could do pending the procurement of a nice set of long striping brushes.

I got a triple pack of Essie the other day from TK Maxx - three bottles of what I suspect to be Forever Yummy, but sadly they have no identifying mark on the bottles and the labels they do have have no barcode or anything. I'm very fond of reds, especially the less orangey end of the red spectrum. I'm kinda convinced, although I'm really not sure if I'm right in this, that I don't suit the orange/coral colours, so over the years I've ended up owning a lot of very similar shades of red.

Forever yummy is a lovely, rich shade of red which sadly seems to go on a little thin and streaky. I don't know if its how I'm painting my nails or whether its the formula of the polish itself, but it really needs three coats rather than my preferred two. The spots were made nice and easily with a little brush - mine was "re-purposed" (IE, slightly stolen) from my other half's Warhammer painting collection, and the colour is Barry M's White. Good all-purpose polish, nice and opaque and handily cheap, and the best part is that Superdrug have Barry M on 2 for £5 at the minute, so a bit of a saving there.

As always I've topcoated with my favouritest (I'm aware that not a word haha) topcoat ever, Seche Vite. Super fast drying and usually barely any wear after a full work week, and its not like I'm delicate with my nails. 

All the pics were taken in artificial light as the weather is setting in a bit here - we're due what seems to be a boatload of snow, so there hasn't been any real daylight today.

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  1. i was sure i commented on these!

    i love them! you really suit red, and the dots are very good for being done with a brush!! :)