Sunday, 1 September 2013

Birthday Polish Haul

I turned 27 last wednesday, and I got some amazing polish-based presents from  Mr Painted Claws and from my bestie and Chief Enabler Rachael (of Racho's Nail Love).

Just to warn everyone in advance, this is gonna be a fairly pic heavy post - and these are just the bottle shots! I haven't even gotten time to think about swatching the lot!

I go loads more than I was expecting this year, I've been completely spolit!

I'll go through the pictures above one by one to break everything down, contents of all photos will be listed left to right. Everything in the set was given to me by Mr Painted Claws, second set all by Rachael.

OPI's Meet Me On The Star Ferry, Catrice Virgin Forest and Pimp My Shrimp. Pimp my Shrimp is an amazing colour, and it has the best name. I've not managed to get the other two tried yet. Sadface.

China Glaze - For Audrey, Optical Illusion, Deviantly Daring and Glittering Garland. These are my first China Glaze polishes are I got the one that I'd been after for so long - For Audrey. Its such a pretty colour.

Pretty & Polished May Flowers and Cuttlefish. I love Pretty & Polished's polishes, they're such amazing quality and colours. These two are thermal colour changing polishes, like Tomboyish, with May Flowers going from minty green to white with pastel glitters and Cuttlefish going from blue to white with blue and green glitters in. These probably won't get used much until my nails grow back out from their current nubbin-y state.

Cadillacquer Masterpiece and Left Behind. Masterpiece is from the Cadillacquer Dexter collection and for a colour combination I'm not normally fond of (outside of December) its amazing. A medical scrubs green base topped off with blood red glitter in a variety of sizes give it that wonderful blood splattered look. Left Behind is a much more subtle polish, with a light gray base filled with green glitters, perfect for the coming winter!

A England Galahad and The Dragon - these polishes were the top of my wishlist. Especially Galahad. Its such a beautiful colour and, as you can see from my posts Here and Here its also an amazing polish. The Dragon is to go with St George which was used all the way back in May for the 31 Day Challenge. Like St George, The Dragon is an amazing holo which has super amounts of colour in it.

All of the next set of polishes were bought for me by Rachael and she's completely blown me away with one of them - my own, one of a kind custom polish made by Tara of Tara's Talons.

Essie Fishnet Stockings, Unknown brown metallic, Big Spender, Unknown gray metallic and As Gold as it Gets. Rachael, like me, is a complete and utter bargain hound. She also has this nasty tendency of getting in before me when the good polish hits TK Maxx, hence this set. Also I love Essie.

My first Butter London polishes! Gobsmacked, Jack the Lad and Brummie. I haven't had the chance to try these out yet, but I'm loving the look of Jack the Lad, all dark and grungy. Totally need to team that with some studs.

Orly Velvet Rope, Sterling Silver Rose and Charged Up. I am constantly complaining that I don't have enough purple polishes. Clearly these were Rach's way of telling me to shut up! She also knows of my secret love for all things offensively pink. Heaven!

Zoya Wednesday & Ciate The Hamptons. First Zoya! I've been harping on about getting a Zoya polish for a while now but they're so damn expensive to get here in the UK - £10.50 a bottle is the usual price, and I'm not big on paying that much for a bottle of polish. Rach has managed to get me on in my favourite colour, which is absolutely fabulous! I'm also very fond of Ciate polish, and this glitter is absolutely gorgeous. Probably gonna get a lot of use over Christmas.

And, last but not least, Belle & Tale as Old as Time from the Tara's Talons and Pocket Money Polishes Disney Collaborations, Tara's Talons Wishes and Becca's Polish.
I wanted Belle and Tale as Old as Time as soon as I saw them pop up on Tara's shop, however I was too slow and they'd sold out before I could get to them. Little did I know that they'd mostly sold to Rachael! Wishes is another blue creme with glitter, can everyone guess what my favourite colour is? Haha.

Becca's Polish is just amazing though. I knew Rach was getting me a custom polish made, but I didn't expect it to be this awesome. Its a spring green base with darker green and gold glitter which looks absolutely amazing on the nail. It dries so shiny too, and is opaque in 3 coats which is fantastic for a jelly-ish polish. Tara has made me such a great polish, I'm totally gonna have to invest in a few more of hers!

Oh, and one last picture.... a little present from myself!

This is the Models Own set offered for sale on EasyJet flights, consisting of a clear base/top coat, Nude Beige, two reds - Raspberry Crush and Red Red Wine - and a polish called Plane Orange. Plane Orange is the Easy Jet signature colour, and is only available on Easy Jet flights. The whole set only set me back £20, so I figured I'd treat myself on my way back from holiday!

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  1. Wow, that's a great looking selection. Loving the greens / purples / teals. Happy belated birthday. :)