Friday, 30 August 2013

Review - Nelly Polish - Looe

*** Sample Provided for Review ***

My first review sample! Thanks so much to Hilary of Nelly Polish for sending me this and another bottle (Mena) to have a nice play with.

I have to admit that I've photographed Mena twice and the light just would not behave, so sadly I've only got Looe to show you today.

Nelly Polish has found a super neat way to get around the postage restrictions for nail polish in the UK - send the polish as a dehydrated mix and let the customer play polish maker. All you need to do is add clear polish and shake it up and bam! Indie polish with none of the postage restrictions.

As I only received two polishes Hilary sent them already made up, but from other's reviews the whole mixing of the dry ingredients with the clear polish isn't hard and doesn't take long to get a nice, even distribution.

Looe is a beautiful spring green jelly base with hot pink hexes and smaller yellow gold glitters that stand out amazingly in the bright base.

It went on quite well, drying to a nice satin finish so I've topped it with a quick coat of Seche Vite for shine. As the polish itself is a jelly it takes a few coats to reach opacity (not that I have nail lines to see any more, sob) - the pictures you see here are 4 coats.

The jelly nature of the base with the glitter in it really gives the polish depth, layering over the glitters but not hiding them as a more opaque polish would do.

I honestly thought I'd like the other polish I received more than I thought I'd like this one but once I'd both on my nails I really love Looe.

Nelly Polish can be purchased in either dry packeted, dry bottled or ready made forms from the Nelly Polish Etsy Shop

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