Saturday, 14 September 2013

Pokemon Challenge Gen II, Round 9 - Ground

I barely use ground pokemon. In fact, if it ain't fire or psychic I'll probably not use it. But there are some pokemon I adore simply for their derpy faces, or their appearance in the anime.

This one is clearly in the derpy face category.

WOOPER! (Beware, GIF heavy post below!)

Look at that face. Honestly. Could they have made it any more vacant?

I really couldn't resist hunting down a load of GIFs of Wooper looking a bit... well, not all there to be honest.
But first.... the nails.

The base colour is Nails Inc Albert Place, my favourite and seemingly my most useful blue. I bagged this beauty in one of the Nails Inc lucky bags they did a while ago and I'm so glad I got it. Black and white are my LA Colors Art Deco polishes, and Wooper's little ear/gill things are Nails Inc Marble Arch - a polish I never honestly thought I'd use.

AH HAHAHAHAHAHA. Its the little dance it does at the end. Happiest damn thing on the planet.

As you can probably tell, I'm quite fond of these nails. They were also simple enough to pass notice at work - not that my work doesn't allow mad nails or anything, but I like to avoid explaining the fact that I'm a 27 year old with Pokemon painted on my nails.

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