Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Swatched: Pretty & Polished Tomboyish

I'm gonna say this in advance - pardon the slightly shoddy photography on this swatch. Pretty & Polished Tomboyish is a heat sensitive colour changing polish, and my body temperature would not sit still the day I had this on my nails.

Tomboyish is part of Pretty & Polished's temperature sensitive range of polishes, which changes from forest green when cold to an incredibly pretty pastel blue (when I finally managed to warm my hands up).

There were two super magical things about this polish - the slight scattered holo that appears when the polish is cold, and the super awesome magic tricks you can pull off with a hairdryer and a mug of cold water. I quite honestly spent a good five minutes every hour just playing with the colours because the hot to cold change is just so fast.

The picture above was taken quickly after dunking my fingertips in cold water. The pic below was after my hands had warmed up a little - instant tips!

The polish itself went on like a dream - two coats had it pretty much perfect, and the polish goes on smooth and dries quite quickly.

I'm totally gonna have to treat myself to  more of these, they're amazing!

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