Sunday, 21 April 2013

ER31DC Week 8 - Metallic

This week, I've gone for a colour combo I've not seen used much - brown and gold.

With it being metallic week I figured I'd have to include either silver or gold in my mani, but after that I was a little stumped. Silver is usually my go-to colour for anything metallic, so I went for gold to try and push myself out of my usual comfort zone of colours... then I sat and stared at my stash for ages. I have reds, pinks, greens... but none of them grabbed my attention. I'd used them all before or they didn't quite look good sat next to gold, until I opened my purple/brown drawer and pulled out one of my as-yet-untried Sally Hansen polishes - Coco-a-go-go from the Insta Dri range.

I'm quite a fan of brown as colour, and as soon as I sat it next to my chosen gold (Ciate's Sand Dune, one of my Marie Claire Freebies) all I could think about was chocolate. I was sold.

Sadly the polish went on a bit thick on my pointer finger so the brown is a little lumpy-bumpy, but otherwise everything worked out quite well this week. I was a little surprised that the Ciate Sand Dune managed to cover the brown on my ring finger so well actually, as its quite a thinnish polish - paint it on a nail and hold it up to the light and you can see through it even in three coats. 

Polishes used are - Ciate's Sand Dune and Sally Hansen Insta Dri Coco-a-go-go.

I love striping tape manis. They're so neat and pretty.


  1. I am in love. And why are striping tape manis never neat and pretty for me?!

  2. You're maybe too patient - I try and take the tape off as quickly as possible so it doesn't get too tacky and pull the polish that's left on the nail :D