Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Swatched - KBShimmer's Where My Peeps At?

I've been wanting this polish since I saw the first reviews of it come out and I think I nearly exploded with joy when,. come last pay day, Harlow & Co. actually had it in stock.

Clearly it was fate.

So I also splashed out on Lottie Dottie as well, just to say thank you to fate, and also because I really wanted that too. I'm terrible when payday rolls around. No self control. Oh well.

Where My Peeps At? is a beautiful lemon yellow creme-jelly base, full of glitter in pink, blue and green rounds, along with accompanying fine specks.

Its quite sheer, and so may require underwear or a few extra coats but its totally worth it. I adore this polish beyond belief.

These pictures are all four coats, mainly because foolish me totally forgot that anything pastel is never as opaque as a darker colour and put the first coat on thin. All of the shine on this is its own - there's no topcoat in these pics.

The glitter just makes this super awesome. I don't think I can actually say how much I love it, haha.


  1. i'm not sure - not for me anyway! As long as you like it, thats all that matters anyway - its just my hate of yellow blinding me!

    I do love the glitters in it and I love the formula and quality of KBShimmers, so its defo a good'un :) yellow does suit you much more than me aswell so you can pull it off successfully :) x

    1. I never used to like yellow but I find its quite grown on me, along with orange :)